PapayaSoft - Phuket web development



I am David Weinraub, a Zend Certified Engineer living in beautiful Phuket, Thailand with my wife and two children.

I have been active in web development for over ten years, working on a wide variety of projects and technologies. Historically, my focus has been on the so-called LAMP stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. More recently, this has expanded to include MongoDB, Rabbit Message Queue, and the growing server-side Javascript eco-system, including node.js, require.js, grunt, etc.

I know a bunch of stuff. As soon as I get chance, I’ll try to detail some of what that is. It surely includes varying degrees of expertise/familiarity with all the standard web technologies and programming methodologies, such as:

  • HTML, CSS, web standards, validation
  • Javascript, jQuery, client-side processing, unobtrusive scripting, graceful degradation
  • PHP, node.js, and server-side processing
  • Relational databases, including MySQL
  • NoSQL databases, like MongoDB (Mongo certification number #: 110-269-546)
  • Object-oriented design principles, design patterns
  • Model/View/Controller (MVC) frameworks, like Zend Framework; micro-frameworks like Slim
  • Unit-testing and mocking
  • Automated cron processes
  • Web-services and REST APIs
  • Source control (git, svn)
  • Continuous integration: Jenkins, CircleCI
  • Cloud computing: Amazon, Heroku, Digital Ocean

I am a bright, business-savvy, team member whose skills may be successfully employed in a variety of roles.


Coming soon, perhaps.