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CRISP-y Goodness: Tracking Phuket Internet Speeds

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I am pleased to report that we have launched the new version of CRISP – Customers Reporting Internet Speeds in Phuket.

For some years, well-known computer columnist and baker Woody Leonhard (see for his opinions on Windows patches or his columns in the Windows Secrets Newsletter, or his various Windows for Dummies books, not to mention his bakery business and his Phuket Sandwich Shoppes) has led a group of Phuket internet users in running speed tests on their internet connections and storing this data in an app developed and hosted by Henry Habermacher. The data was freely available as a CSV download to anyone who wanted to perform their own analysis on it.

Woody’s prime motivations were to provide Phuket internet users with real usage data on which to base their ISP choices and to clearly demonstrate the significant discrepancy between speeds advertised by ISP’s in Phuket and those that are actually delivered.

As of this writing, the db has over 15,000 speed reports dating back to 2008.

Henry was unable to host it going forward, so we needed to move it to a new home. But rather than simply migrate, we decided to do a rewrite in PHP and I got the call. Using a design by Seth Bareiss, my re-implementation is built on Zend Framework and the Doctrine 1 ORM. Relative to the previous version, it features some enhanced searching and user management, including registration and profile management.

If you are a Phuket-based internet user, come on over, register, and start contributing to the tracking effort.