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Zend Framework View Helper to Lowercase Titles

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When working on a web app, I often find myself with my local development version open in one browser window with the live version open in another. To allow me quickly distinguish one from the other, I like to tweak the rendering in the development version by converting the title to lower case.

Since I have recently begun using Zend Framework for much of my development, I wrote a little view helper to handle it.

class App_View_Helper_HeadTitle extends Zend_View_Helper_HeadTitle
    public function headTitle($title = null, $setType = Zend_View_Helper_Placeholder_Container_Abstract::APPEND)
        if (null !== $title && APPLICATION_ENV == 'development'){
            $title = strtolower($title);
        return parent::headTitle($title, $setType);

To use it, just add the helper path to your bootstrap. For example,you could do it in your config/application.ini with:

resources.view[] =
resources.view.helpers.App_View_Helper_ = "App/View/Helper"

The calls to $this->headTitle() in your view scripts or layout scripts remain unchanged.

As a side note, a great repository of Zend Framework snippets is at the aptly named site

Do you use any similar tricks or snippets in your development? Let me know via the comments.