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InfusionSoft API Support via Helpstream

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Man, InfusionSoft sure is not making things easy.

One of my customers recently moved to InfusionSoft for their CRM platform. They have a mailing that gets sent every morning to a list of opt-in subscribers. Prior to their move to InfusionSoft, we maintained our own database of subscribers. Now, we need to pull the recipients from the InfusionSoft database.

Fortunately, Infusionsoft offers an API to their data. It’s not the best API (as noted in Jon Gales scathing blog post), but it appears adequate, at least for this task. It’s an XML-RPC API, so the calls don’t technically require a dedicated client library, but InfusionSoft has helpfully developed one.

But it was a bit of a muddle trying to determine the current version of their released library and where to actually download it.

So I sent them a support request. And here’s the tricky part. Logged-in to the InfusionSoft admin interface, I see the following:


I click a link for “Help > View My Support Cases” and get sent to the “Fusebox”, whatever that is, where I am still logged in:


I click on the “Question” link and enter my question, complete with all detail that would probably be required by the Customer Support rep: account name, email, even a complete email signature, containing email address, snail-mail address, tel, etc.

I get my answer back pretty quickly. The answer itself is quite satisfactory, complete with the code I need to perform my little task. My application development proceeds in a straightforward manner, the API works as advertised. Kind of a pain to get there, but, for the most part, all cool in the end.

Or so I thought.

A few days later, I get an email message from the InfusionSoft system, the content of which is a comment from some random stranger, noting that he has the same problem as I have.

WTF? How did this totally random guy get access to my support request?

A bit of poking around and the truth begins to emerge from the fog: A Question is not the same as a Case. The latter is a customer support ticket, a confidential communication to the Customer Service folks at InfusionSoft. In contrast, a Question is apparently nothing more than an initial post on a forum thread. As such, a Question is completely public, exposed to essentially anyone (well, to anyone in the InfusionSoft community). Email, name, tel, InfusionSoft account name. Man, it’s just sheer luck that I hadn’t included my freakin’ password in my post.


So, I am now chasing InfusionSoft to get my post removed, or at least edited. We’ll see how that goes.

In hindsight, I can see that there is a link to “Cases” back on the main Fusebox page – it’s there in the screenshot above – which is undoubtedly what I should have used. And had I been more familiar with the Fusebox, I might have realized its dual nature, as a Forum/Community/KnowledgeBase (the Questions) on the one hand, combined with a confidential Ticket/Case system on the other, all built on the Helpstream platform.

But at the time, I totally missed it. It just never occurred to me that the Customer Support pathway I was pursuing, especially from a logged-in interface, would lead to posting in a public forum.

Would you have seen it? Let me know in the comments.

Cheers. And, let’s be careful out there.

2009-12-28, 22:00 – Update: Got a reply from the community manager, informing me that he has removed my post, per my request. He even sent along the text of my request, in case I did not have a copy of it. Very prompt, very satisfactory. All cool.