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New Site and Blog

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Finally got around to redeploying as a WordPress blog. Easier to admin and I really like the Fresh theme, originally by Wolfgang Bartelme, ported to WordPress by iLEMONed. It had exactly the color scheme I had in mind and only needed a few minor tweaks.

Sure, had to deal with all the plugin installation and configuration. And had to move at least some of the content from the old pages into new WordPress pages. But really, all pretty modest.

I will be chasing my web host to see if he can enable some kind of CGI-wrap that (like employs) so that PHP can run as the account owner. Then, I would be able to use the WordPress auto-update process for both the core system and for plugins. It makes a huge difference in ease of use.

[ Update 2009-07-17: Host reports it’s coming. Excellent. ]

More tweaks required, of course. After all, a website is never done.

Now just need to find the time to actually write.