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I don’t really hate GoDaddy.

I do confess that I don’t like them all that much. For the supposed leader – at the least, one of the most recognizable names – in domain registration, I find the experience of dealing with them pretty bad: bloated admin pages, opaque admin interfaces, interminable payment processes.

I even got bitten by one client who was using them for Windows hosting, but the account didn’t support PHP. What basic hosting account these days doesn’t support PHP? Goodness!

Still, I can usually get done what I want, though in a clearly sub-optimal way. Like I said, I don’t really hate them, at least not with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns, a level of fury that comes easily to me when the topic turns to IE6.

So, I was surprised to find that the domain name redirects to the home page. A whois check shows that GoDaddy themselves have the domain name.

A bit of pro-active defense there, a good lesson for all of us.

[ As a side note, GoDaddy was not so pro-active as to secure certain hyphenated variants of the theme, some of which lead into a distinctly “red-light” area of the web. ‘Nuff said. ]